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Automatic Tube Laser Cutter Supplier in the USA

Senfeng has a variety of lines of machines, one line is our Automatic Tube Laser Cutter. As a supplier, we offer 6 types of tube laser cutters. With multiple models with large processing capacities for various tubes such as round, square, I, U, and H profiles.  Senfeng tube laser cutters can process tubes starting at 3/32 to 14 61/64 round tubes. Tube Laser Cutter was manufactured for industrial durability to withstand long hours of manufacturing. Most companies grow their business within the year after purchasing a Senfeng machine.

Our SF6020T Pipe Laser Cutting Machine was designed for a smaller area, its ability to process a 20’ tube makes it perfect for traditional spaces. Small shops take advantage of this machine, it is easy to control, and its auto-loading system is convenient for all types of customers. This machine also comes to be re-enforced by our Honeycomb Carbon structure giving this a lasting durable structure for long-term use. “After high-temperature annealing treatment, using a precision welding process whole welding, with high strength and stability”. Senfeng, is dedicated to developing affordable and durable fiber laser machines.

One thing about developing and manufacturing our machines is the ability to redevelop ideas and remodify them. Our Bevel Tube Fiber Laser cutting machine SF6024GT. This tube laser cutter is available in powers 3kW – 6kW. Our Bevel tube cutting machine is able to process ± 45˚ in the beveling range. The 3D laser cutting head can cut H steel, I-beam, angle steel, channel steel, and drop-shaped, concave-shaped tubes. This tube laser cutter has a maximum load weight of 374 lbs with a tube processing of 20ft long with a round dia of 0.6” – 8.66”.  Customers can operate this machine at a max speed of 262’ per minute, making this machine ideal for fast production. Saving time, labor, and money while increasing profit. The clean cuts eliminate the deburring or slag making this piece ready for welding. Senfeng is proud of its product’s precision cutting machines that help customers utilize most of their material.

Customers are constantly requesting our SF9035NT which offers Zero Tailing Tube Laser Cutting Machine. This automatic tube laser cutter is the big brother of the SF6020T. It also comes with a power range of 3kW -6kW. However, this Senfeng Tube Laser Cutter has the capacity to process 13.77” dia tubing with a max length of 30ft. The three-chuck design allows the customer to utilize the whole tube length. The three chucks allow the customer to process long and thick tubes, the grips of the three chuck positions, and stabilize the tube for a clean precise cut.

Let’s not forget our dual machine equipped with a tube laser and a table sheet cutter SF3015M. Although this is a bit smaller machine it can also cater to those who seek to save space and money. It is the best of both worlds.

We also carrier the four-chuck clamping system, which gives a greater clamping force and a faster product manipulation system. This makes processing heavier material easier and smoother operations. The Tubepro Tube Cutting Software and Tubest Nesting Software FSCUT500A support the process for tube operations with high precision and high efficiency. The toolpath and nesting that the TubesT nest provides for simple to special projects make it the ideal software program.

Senfeng carries Automatic Tube Laser Cutting machines for every customer. As a manufacturer and a supplier, we focus on every customer’s needs from small manufacturing to well-established companies. Our goal is to provide products and services that help the customer grow, this is why our warehouse in the US has a variety of machines ready to be sold. Technicians are constantly traveling all over the US servicing, installing, troubleshooting, and training customers.

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