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Transforming the Fabrication Industry: SENFENG’s Breakthroughs at FABTECH 2023

Exhibition Name: FABTECH 2023
Exhibition Time: Sept 11-14
Add: McCormick Place 2301 S King Dr Chicago, Illinois 60616
Booth No.: A5467, Hall A

FABTECH 2023 is one of the largest events in the metal processing industry worldwide, attracting professionals and companies from all over the world. The exhibition brings together the latest technologies, equipment, and solutions in the metal processing field, providing a platform for communication and cooperation in the industry. As a leading company in the laser field, SENFENG will naturally not miss this opportunity and will bring a series of impressive exhibition machines.
At this exhibition, SENFENG will showcase a variety of top-notch laser cutting and welding equipment, including High-power Laser Cutting Machine, Three-chuck Laser Cutting Machine, Laser Coil-fed Cutting Machine, Laser Welding Machine, Laser Cladding Machine, and Bending Machines. These machines cover multiple application areas in the laser field, whether it is cutting, welding, or cladding, they can demonstrate the powerful power and wide applicability of laser technology. Whether you are engaged in the metal processing industry or interested in laser technology, these machines will bring you a new perspective and inspiration.
By visiting SENFENG booth, you will have the opportunity to get close to these advanced laser equipment and have in-depth communication with professional technicians. They will answer your questions about laser technology and share the latest trends and developments in the industry. Whether you want to understand the application prospects of laser technology or find suitable solutions for your company, you can find answers here.
So, whether you are a practitioner or an audience interested in laser technology, don’t miss this opportunity. Quickly arrange your schedule and go to the FABTECH 2023 to experience the charm of laser technology in person! SENFENG booth is waiting for your arrival, let us witness the infinite possibilities of laser technology together!

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